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…we work with colleagues who serve our customers with passion, curiosity and a large dose of creativity. They do this with a great deal of entrepreneurship: “listening carefully to how they can unburden the customer” by means of our services and concepts and not resting until they have come up with the most profitable solution, both for the customer and for PGZ.

… we attach great importance to mutual cooperation. We have to, as PGZ markets a whole range of possibilities and everyone contributes with his/her specific expertise and experience to satisfying the customer. Seeking each other out and also challenging each other to go to extremes together for our customers is how we like to work within PGZ. This also includes our core values of reliability, transparency and flexibility: being able to rely on each other, share information, respond quickly to changes characterises us.

… we invest in our staff to make them more aware and independent. Also by increasing process efficiency, PGZ is working hard to strengthen its competitive and market position.

… we are always interested in people who feel drawn to our business and our way of working.